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Let’s get started on how to create Sales Order via Backend

    • Go to the Order Entry screen from the Order Manager Application dropdown.
    • The screen displays two options, Sales Order and Purchase Order. Since we are creating Sales Order, we will choose the same from the screen after filling all the required fields i.e. Product Store, Sales Channel, User Login Id and Customer. After filling in all the fields press Continue.
    • In the next screen you will be asked to Enter Order Currency, Agreements, and Ship Dates. You may skip this part if you wish.
    • In the next step enter Product Id, Quantity, Desired Delivery Date etc. Product Id and Quantity fields are a must to be filled. As for the rest of the fields, you may skip these if not necessary.
    • After filling in Product Id, Quantity etc press Add to Order button which is just below Comment in the same screen. After adding first item to the order if you wish to add more items to the same order, continue to enter Product Id, Quantity etc and proceed to Add to Order until you are finished.
    • After adding items to the order check all Order Items displayed below in the same screen and press Quick Finalize Order.
  • Next you will see a Quick Finalize Order screen where you need to enter payment method and shipping address. Either enter a new shipping address for the customer selected or choose amongst the ones that are already in the database. After selecting a shipping address the page will load a list of available shipping methods. Select which ever is suitable. In case its a gift, you may add a gift message. You may also add another email address for the particular order. Add special instructions if any else leave blank.
  • After filling all the details, press Continue to Final Order Review in the bottom of the Quick Finalize Order screen. In the next screen review all the details and Create Order.

That’s it! We are done.

Create Sales Order – Apache OFBiz

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