Q) Who all can participate?

A) Anyone- any age, any country, no particulars

Q) What type of project will be selected ?

A) We’d choose those projects whose idea is rare and different from others and is useful to the world.

Q) Can teams/groups apply ?

A) Yes, individual as well as groups can also apply. We’d be welcoming all talented people.

Q) How will I be notified for further process and any updates?

A) We will send you regular emails on registered email’s. You can also join our page on facebook for latest updates.

Q) What if my idea is same as someone else’s?

A) It is very rare though but incase there is a condition only the idea with best vision will get selected.

Q) What will be the selected projects rewarded?

A) The project ideas MVP (Minimum Viable product) will be developed by our expert developers some free of cost and others will get an assured funding.

Q) What are the key dates?

A) Refistrations will commence on 15/02/2018 & 01/03/2018 will be the last date.

Q) Do I Need A .Net Developer?

A) Well, if you need faster development and deployment of projects without going way over the budget, then hiring a dedicated .NET developer is the best solution you have. By hiring from a quality service provider like Viithiisys, you get a highly skilled development that functions as your company’s dedicated .Net development team. So you get empowered with a highly strong development team without having to go through hidden charges or any other complications.

Q) Do I get to choose my .NET Developers with Viithiisys?

A) Yes, of course. Once you contact us, our expert will gather all the necessary information about the project from you. The expert will then revert within 24 hours with a free quote and base-level mapping of how the project will be handled. Once you accept the plan and quote, we will suggest the best .NET developers for you, and you can choose the team you prefer. In simple words, it is much like recruiting your own in-house team, just without the hassles.

Q) Where To Find A Reliable Team Of .NET Developers Quickly?

A) Well, the normal hiring procedure may take weeks and months. You need to advertise the vacancy, conduct extensive interviews and screening sessions, and finally conduct training and onboarding. So that’s a lengthy process. The best option to hire a reliable team of developers immediately is to get them from a trusted service provider like Viithiisys. With Viithisys, you can have a team of dedicated .NET developers within 24 hours. All you need to do is contact us and choose the developers you like from our team of experienced developers.

Q) What If I Don’t Like the Project Developments?

A) Well, we understand that there can be differences in opinions. And when that happens, we always give your opinion the first priority. You can openly and extensively discuss with us the dissatisfaction, and we’ll be glad to work out an alternate plan for you. All our developers are open to feedback and alterations. So, we will immediately make the changes you need in your .NET project.

Q) Will I Ber Updated With A Project Report?

A) Yes of course. Our developers will regularly update you about the advancements in your .NET project. You can also inform us if you need more frequent updates, and we’d be glad to work that out with you. We are also quite flexible with communication modes. We can contact you via call, skype, email, or any other mode of communication you prefer. So you can inform us how you need to be updated and we’ll stick to that format with perfection.

Q) Is Java development important for my business?

A) Certainly. If you are running an online business, you need to develop top-class Java-based applications. With Java, you can develop secure and user-friendly applications that will boost customer experience. You can also plan your sales and marketing tactics more efficiently with the in-depth analytics that Java supports. So yes, if you want to deliver a superior user experience, Java is important for you.

Q) Do I need dedicated Java developers?

A) When you hire dedicated online Java app programmers, you get a team of highly experienced developers who will operate as your in-house development team. It is much more reliable and productive than hiring random freelancers. The developers work seamlessly on your project and deliver quality results on time, ensuring maximum performance for your business applications.

Q) Why should I hire offshore Java developers?

A) Well, remote hiring offshore Java developers can help you develop quality applications cost-effectively. When you hire an in-house team of developers, you need to engage your infrastructure and resources, but with offshore Java developers, you get quality service without any additional expenses. You only pay for the service, and that’s all. However, when you hire offshore Java developers, you must make sure that you hire only from the best service providers like Viithiisys.

Q) Can I get customized application development services?

A) Of course. When you hire dedicated Java developer(s) from a quality service provider like Viithiisys, you get a fully customized service tailored to suit your needs. Once you contact us, our experts will work closely with you to plan out a customized solution for you. You can also choose the number of developers you need, or the type of service you need, and we will deliver precisely according to your needs.

Q) Can I migrate my application to Java?

A) Yes, you can. All you need to do is hire a Java developer from a reliable service provider. At Viithiisys, our developers offer the best migration services in India. We make sure that your legacy application is safely migrated to the Java framework without any data loss. All your data in your existing application will be protected and safely moved to the new framework. Our developers can also help you with transparent consultation to improve the performance of your business applications.

Q) Why is Laravel so popular?

A) Laravel is currently the most popular PHP Framework as it makes web development easy and fast for businesses. You can hire dedicated Laravel developers through Viithiisys and get even large-scale eCommerce sites developed quickly. We have highly flexible budget-friendly packages, so you can now get world-class development within your budget.

Q) Do I need a dedicated Laravel developer?

A) Well, it depends upon your requirements. For small-scale requirements, you can hire Laravel developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. However, if you need developers for large-scale enterprise-level projects, the best option would be to hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers who act as an in-house development team on the project. At Viithiisys, we offer flexible hiring packages, so you can hire as per your needs without any complications and hidden charges.

Q) When will the Laravel update me about the project?

A) Our developers will keep in touch with you regularly. You can contact them anytime, and they will also provide you with regular updates about the project development. We can deliver updates via call, email, or Skype. you can just tell us when you need updates, and we will report accordingly on time.

Q) What if I want to make changes?

A) You can any time inform us if you don’t like something, we’ll be glad to make changes for you. Our developers will always take your opinion before implementing ideas, however, if you are not happy with something, we’ll get it changed. Usually, such small changes do not require any additional payments. However, if there is an extensive change, we will work out a suitable plan with you.

Q) Why should I hire Laravel developers in India?

A) India is currently the most reliable and budget-friendly outsourcing location for businesses worldwide. Especially with Viithiisys, you get highly experienced and skill Laravel developers for hire, at amazing flexible packages to suit your needs. You can hire a single developer or a team of dedicated developers for your projects, and you will pay only for what you purchase. You can hire developers on an hourly, weekly, monthly, full-time, or part-time basis. Due to such budget-friendly yet world-class service, hiring Laravel developers in India from Viithiisys is the best option for your business development.

Q) Do I Need A Dedicated PHP Developer?

A) PHP is currently the most popular scripting language that is used for web development, dynamic content management, database management, cookies, and several other applications. For an online business, PHP is currently the most crucial web development tool. And that’s why you need a dedicated PHP developer for your project development. When you hire a dedicated developer from Viithiisys, you get a highly skilled expert who is well-versed in all the aspects of web development. Therefore, you get a highly professional and productive business development.

Q) Will Viithiisys Choose The PHP Developer For Me?

A) Well, we are flexible, so it can work both ways. We can choose the best PHP developers for you or you can choose your developers from our team of highly experienced professionals. The process is simple. Once you contact us and provide the project details, we will analyse everything and get in touch with you within 24 hours. We’ll suggest to you the best plan and the type of developers needed. You can then select your developers according to your preferences.

Q) What Is A Dedicated PHP Developer?

A) When you hire a dedicated PHP developer from Viithiisys, that developer will then function as your in-home web developer. the developer will be dedicated completely to your project, ensuring faster and high-quality customized development. You can hire one developer or an entire team of dedicated developers according to the complexity and urgency of your project development.

Q) Can I Contact You To Know About Project Progress?

A) Surely, you can. However, we will regularly update you about the advancements with your project. Our developers will keep in touch with you till the project is concluded. They will contact you via call, skype, email, or any other mode of communication you prefer. You can let us know when and how you’d like to get updates and our programmers will follow those directions perfectly.

Q) Can I Suggest Changes If I Don’t Like Something?

A) Surely, you can, and you must let us know about anything that you don’t like with the project development. All our programmers are open to feedback. So, when you suggest a change, we’ll be glad to make changes accordingly. Most small changes will not require extra working hours. However, if there is a major change, we can discuss and work out the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you.

Q) What is the Khatabook clone app?

A) Khatabook clone script is a skeleton of a digital ledger application. with this script, you can get a personalized online ledger for your business.

Q) Are digital ledgers safe?

A) Yes of course. Viithiisys digital ledger is a 100% secure and high-performance application that will keep your ledger records safe.

Q) Can I shift all my ledger records to the digital ledger?

A) Yes, you can store all your ledger record in our digital ledger. Viithiisys digital ledger also offers a PDF download feature, so you can get your records printed on paper whenever needed.