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With Viithiisys, you can now hire a dedicated dot net developer for your business without having to go through the hassles of recruitment. We have a massive team of highly experienced developers who can help you with faster .net development for your business. And the best part is, you won’t have to worry about quality and productivity as you get to choose from the best full stack .net developer(s) in India.

When it comes to business applications, .net is currently the most crucial platform. Due to its compatibility with different programming languages, it is a must-have for almost any online business.

Here’s a brief take on what .NET can do for you?

Why You Need DotNet For Your Business?

NetMicrosoft’s .Net framework is one of the most useful tools for business development, especially in the current modern infrastructure. With the increasing use of software and technology within the business infrastructure, businesses now require custom software solutions for various applications. And that’s where .Net comes into the picture. It is a free platform from Microsoft that supports you with easy desktop and web application engineering. Dot Net reduces the time and expenses involved with the development and deployment of software and web applications. At the same time, you get flexibility, enhanced security, and portability.

The full-stack .Net consists of .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Let’s take a brief look at these applications.

.Net Framework

The .Net Framework consists of various applications like WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Base Class Library.

The WPF or The Windows Presentation Foundation is basically a UI framework for windows-based desktop client applications. The key development features included in WPF are application model, data binding, graphics, layout, documents, and security.

Windows Forms is a part of the .Net Framework that allows you to develop and deploy high-quality windows desktop applications. A Windows form application consists of labels, text boxes, list boxes, etc. These forms are commonly used for log-in, preferences, settings, etc.

.Net Framework also includes a website and web application development tool known as ASP.NET. ASP.NET has a Common Language Runtime (CLR) that allows you to develop web applications using different .NET languages.

.NET Core

As you can see, .Net Framework covers almost all the aspects of web application and desktop application development. However, so far it was compatible only with the Windows OS. To overcome this limitation, Windows introduced the .NET Core in 2016.

With .NET Core, Microsoft re-engineered the .NET Framework, allowing developers to create applications compatible with different platforms like LINUX and macOS. This ground-breaking move turned the .NET Framework into the most popular application development tool among developers.


The Xamarin in .Net primarily focuses on the development of mobile applications and Mac products. Xamarin was not a Microsoft program. It was being developed independently, however, Microsoft, visualizing the scope of mobile applications, acquired it in 2016. So, developers can now develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows, using the .NET Xamarin.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

UWP is another option within the .NET Framework that allows developers to create client applications for Windows. It uses WinRT APIs to produce advanced features perfect for applications that use the internet. With UWI apps you can control the app runtime, updates, installation, and various other actions.

.Net covers almost all the aspects of software and application development, and that’s why .Net is a crucial tool for business development. However, you cannot make the most of it unless you hire a full-stack net developer(s).

But when it comes to hiring a developer, you need to invest a lot of time and money in the recruitment process.

Challenges Of Hiring A .Net Developer

Hiring a developer for your business applications requires you to conduct a full-fledged hiring procedure. You need to start by advertising the vacancy, on various platforms and yellow pages to attract developers. Once that’s done, you will have to conduct screening to filter out the best candidates for the job.

The process is equally hassling when you try to hire freelancers too. Finding reliable and skilled freelancers is more like Russian Roulette, you’ll mostly hit blanks, and when you hit the bullet, it will come at a huge expense.

However, At Viithiisys, we do not believe in gambling. We believe in solid well-tested solutions that ensure 100% satisfaction for you. So when you hire dedicated .net developers from us, we save you from all the hassles and ensure quality .Net development for your business.

Viithiisys Has The Widest Range Of .NET Solutions For You

Our experts at Viithiisys realized that finding good .Net developers in India was next to impossible. That’s why we came up with an easy remote process where you can hire top developers for your business without having to conduct extensive recruitment processes.

All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll connect you with the best .Net Developers out there. Our developers are all highly experienced with complete front-end and back-end business software development. Take a look at our world-class solutions.

The Best .Net Developers: Now with Viithiisys, you can hire dedicated net developers who can build customized, secure, and scalable software, web applications, and CMS systems for your business. Our developers are capable of handling small-scale to enterprise-level requirements. So you have nothing to worry about.

Internet Of Things: When it comes to developing sophisticated IoT solutions, Viiithiisys has the best to offer. With us, you can hire an developer in India and build top-class IoT and embedded systems within your budget.

Database Management: Hire .net core developers and digitalize your existing database for easy management. Our developers can re-engineer, manage, and explore your databases to provide an automated and efficient database development process.

ASP.NET Solutions: Our developers are experts in the ASP.NET framework. With our ASP.NET Solutions, you can now build customized and modern cloud-based web applications that provide mobility, remote access, and high-level security.

.NET Migration Services: With our .NET Migration services, we can help you migrate your legacy applications into .NET Framework or any other technology. So you can now upgrade your legacy apps to the latest technology without any data loss.

Desktop App Development: From internal operations to CMS systems, our .NET developers can create all sorts of desktop applications for you. So no matter which operating systems you use, we can ensure that your software runs perfectly on your desktops.

These are just a few of the several custom solutions we have in store for you. When you contact us, our experts will deeply assess your request and provide the best possible solutions for you.

Why Viithiisys Is The Best Place To Find .Net Developers?

Viithiisys is currently a global leader in corporate IT and software solutions. So with us, you can expect the best service. Here are some of the key benefits that you enjoy when you partner with us.

Experienced Staff: All our developers and experts are highly experienced in their respective fields. That’s why we are capable of providing the best solutions from the very point of initial contact. As soon as you contact us, you’ll be talking to a highly experienced and knowledgeable representative who is well-capable guiding you with the right course of action.

Safety: Our experts understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to business discussions. And therefore, we make sure that no sensitive data or business idea is leaked to third parties. All the information and ideas you share with us will be safe and secure and will be used solely for your business progress.

Realistic Quotes: Our experts will thoroughly analyse your idea to provide you with a realistic quote. When determining the estimated cost of development, we observe things from the client’s perspective to come up with a budget-friendly quotation. We provide quotes for free. So, you pay only after you finalize the project.

Professional Project Management: Once you hire us, your project will be managed by our professionals with maximum perfection. We won’t bother you with the hassles of management. So, you can peacefully focus on your business while our experts manage the project for you.

On-Time Reporting: Our team will be in steady touch with you, providing you with progress reports about your project on a timely basis. Our developer can contact you via call, skype, email, or any other mode of communication you prefer. So, we will never keep you in the dark. We take it as our responsibility to update you with the status of your project.

Flexible Hiring: At Viithiisys, we offer the most flexible hiring process for .NET developers. When you hire dedicated .net developers from us, you get to choose the duration and intensity of the service. You can hire our developers on a full-time, monthly, part-time, or hourly basis. So, you can hire the team you want for the time you want without any additional hassles or hidden charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I Need A .Net Developer?

A) Well, if you need faster development and deployment of projects without going way over the budget, then hiring a dedicated .NET developer is the best solution you have. By hiring from a quality service provider like Viithiisys, you get a highly skilled development that functions as your company’s dedicated .Net development team. So you get empowered with a highly strong development team without having to go through hidden charges or any other complications.

Q) Do I get to choose my .NET Developers with Viithiisys?

A) Yes, of course. Once you contact us, our expert will gather all the necessary information about the project from you. The expert will then revert within 24 hours with a free quote and base-level mapping of how the project will be handled. Once you accept the plan and quote, we will suggest the best .NET developers for you, and you can choose the team you prefer. In simple words, it is much like recruiting your own in-house team, just without the hassles.

Q) Where To Find A Reliable Team Of .NET Developers Quickly?

A) Well, the normal hiring procedure may take weeks and months. You need to advertise the vacancy, conduct extensive interviews and screening sessions, and finally conduct training and onboarding. So that’s a lengthy process. The best option to hire a reliable team of developers immediately is to get them from a trusted service provider like Viithiisys. With Viithisys, you can have a team of dedicated .NET developers within 24 hours. All you need to do is contact us and choose the developers you like from our team of experienced developers.

Q) What If I Don’t Like the Project Developments?

A) Well, we understand that there can be differences in opinions. And when that happens, we always give your opinion the first priority. You can openly and extensively discuss with us the dissatisfaction, and we’ll be glad to work out an alternate plan for you. All our developers are open to feedback and alterations. So, we will immediately make the changes you need in your .NET project.

Q) Will I Ber Updated With A Project Report?

A) Yes of course. Our developers will regularly update you about the advancements in your .NET project. You can also inform us if you need more frequent updates, and we’d be glad to work that out with you. We are also quite flexible with communication modes. We can contact you via call, skype, email, or any other mode of communication you prefer. So you can inform us how you need to be updated and we’ll stick to that format with perfection.

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