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When it comes to web development, Laravel is currently the most preferred PHP Framework of all. It is being used by more than a million websites worldwide, and this number is only expected to rise in the future. The reason why Laravel is so popular among modern businesses is the ease and quality it provides.

All you need to do is hire professional Laravel developers, and you’re all set for budget-friendly secure, and world-class web development. For better understanding, here’s a brief look at Laravel and its key features.

Why You Need Laravel Web Development?

Laravel is an open-source PHP Framework that’s arguably the most popular of all Frameworks, as it allows developers to build top-quality and high-performance web applications with ease. Laravel has several unique features that provide the perfect atmosphere for enterprise-level web development. Let’s take a look.

Built-in Accessibilities: One of the top features of Laravel is its wide range of built-in accessibilities that make website development easy and quick for the developers. Laravel has several lightweight templates that allow you to create simple to complex layouts with ease. Along with the templates, you also get a whole stack of CSS and JS code-based widgets, that further simplify the website development.

Top-Class Security: Laravel is also one of the most secure PHP frameworks out there. As it is a PHP Framework, Laravel uses SQL statements that prevent SQL injection attacks, and it can also generate encrypted passwords for you with the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. One more security feature is its hashed and salted password mechanism. Laravel does not store text passwords in your databases. But instead, it stores hashed and salted passwords for security.

Automate Repetitive Tasks: This feature of Laravel greatly reduces the web application development time. With Laravel’s Artisan feature, you can create and store database structures, core skeletal codes, or your own codes, which you can utilize later for migration and development projects. This method of optimizing and automating repetitive tasks makes Laravel a hot favorite among developers and businesses worldwide.

MVC Pattern Support: Laravel also supports the architectural pattern known as the MVC or Model-View-Controller. The MVC pattern helps developers separate an application into three main functions, the model, the view, and the controllers. The pattern improves the scalability and functionality of web applications. And as Laravel supports the MVC Architecture, the applications developed through Laravel provide high-performance quality.

Traffic Management: As a website grows, traffic management becomes a big challenge. However, with Laravel, you won’t have such issues. Its unique message queue system allows you to queue up and manage time-consuming tasks to optimize the website performance. So, the application will keep performing smoothly even when the traffic increases.

These are just a few of the several essential features of Laravel. As you can see, Laravel is a highly supportive and convenient Framework for large business applications. And that is the reason why we suggest you hire dedicated Laravel developers for your business website development.

What Happens When You Hire Laravel Developers Independently?

If you have a large and complex concept, you may think that hiring an in-house Laravel developer would be the best choice. Independent hiring may seem suitable in the beginning, but it is only a matter of time when you will realize that the challenges are never-ending.

For example, if you conduct offline hiring, you will have to go through advertising, interviewing, extensive screening, training, and plenty of other tasks that will require infrastructure, time, and money. And even after all the effort, you may not find the right candidate for the job.When hiring freelancers, reliability is the major challenge. You have to hire remotely, and you have no way of determining the reliability and authenticity of the developer. You also have to provide your ideas and details to strangers and hand your business data to someone you found on the internet.So what can you do? Well, you need a hiring system where you get the benefits of both offline and online hiring without any challenges. You need a hiring method where you can hire remotely but still ensure that you have hired a reliable Laravel Developer.Well, we suggest Viithiisys.

Hire Laravel Services From Viithiisys

We, at Viithiisys, understand the challenges businesses face while hiring developers. And that’s why we came up with this unique setup where you can hire offshore Laravel developers and access several Laravel services at highly affordable and flexible packages.You can also hire a dedicated Laravel development team that acts as your in-house web development team for extensive project development and management. Here are the services we have for you.

Full-Stack Laravel Developers: With Viithiisys, you can hire full-stack Laravel developers for front-end and back-end development. Yes, our developers are highly experienced and skilled in handling full-stack requirements as well.

Dedicated Team Of Laravel Developers: Viithiisys offers this unique feature, where you can hire a dedicated team for offshore Laravel development. You can hire a hire Laravel developer in India for cost-effective dedicated development.

Enterprise-Level Development: At Viithiisys, our enterprise-level Laravel solutions are highly budget-friendly and reliable. You can hire our experienced developers for large-scale web development projects and eCommerce sites, and we will ensure secure and fast business development for you.

Migration And Integration Services: If you are looking to integrate or migrate your existing apps with Laravel, our developers can handle the job for you. We provide time-efficient and secure legacy apps integration and migration from Nodejs, Python, .Net, and other platforms to the Laravel Framework.

Application Management: Our Laravel developers are familiar with all the best practices required to manage and maintain your web applications. So now you don’t have to worry about application management at all. Just hire our dedicated Laravel Developers and they’ll handle the application management professionally.

Why Viithiisys Is The Best Place To hire Laravel Developers?

As you can see, we have the widest range of Laravel development solutions suitable for large and small businesses alike. However, we are the best in the business due to the quality of service we offer. Take a look at some of the key features of our services.

Highly Reliable Developers:
When you hire developers from us, we won’t simply connect you to freelancers. Instead, we will provide you with highly reliable and experienced developers, whom we hire after rigorous screening and training. So, with us, reliability is guaranteed.

Security: With us, your business ideas and project details will be kept confidential. Our developers will not share ideas and sensitive information with unauthorized people. This is one of the main reasons why we have worked with some of the most reputed organizations worldwide.

Free Quotation: We do not charge our clients for quotations. After analysing your requirements, our experts will provide you with a free no-obligation quote exclusively. With us, you only pay for what you buy.

World-Class Project Management: Our experts will manage your projects with world-class efficiency and professionalism. Our dedicated managers will work on your project and reduce the hassles for you. Once you hand over a project to us, you can focus on other business operations, and we will handle your project issues with perfection.

Timely Updates: With our professional developers, you will get regular updates about the developments related to your project. Our developers can connect you through Skype, email, call, or any other communication mode of your choice. You can simply tell us when and how you’d like to be updated and we will follow the directions precisely.

Hiring Packages: We offer a wide range of flexible hiring packages, so you can choose the service the perfectly suits your needs. You can hire Laravel developers on a full-time, monthly, part-time, or even hourly basis. You can also hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers for complex enterprise-level projects. So, hire according to your project requirements and pay only for what you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why is Laravel so popular?

A) Laravel is currently the most popular PHP Framework as it makes web development easy and fast for businesses. You can hire dedicated Laravel developers through Viithiisys and get even large-scale eCommerce sites developed quickly. We have highly flexible budget-friendly packages, so you can now get world-class development within your budget.

Q) Do I need a dedicated Laravel developer?

A) Well, it depends upon your requirements. For small-scale requirements, you can hire Laravel developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. However, if you need developers for large-scale enterprise-level projects, the best option would be to hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers who act as an in-house development team on the project. At Viithiisys, we offer flexible hiring packages, so you can hire as per your needs without any complications and hidden charges.

Q) When will the Laravel update me about the project?

A) Our developers will keep in touch with you regularly. You can contact them anytime, and they will also provide you with regular updates about the project development. We can deliver updates via call, email, or Skype. you can just tell us when you need updates, and we will report accordingly on time.

Q) What if I want to make changes?

A) You can any time inform us if you don’t like something, we’ll be glad to make changes for you. Our developers will always take your opinion before implementing ideas, however, if you are not happy with something, we’ll get it changed. Usually, such small changes do not require any additional payments. However, if there is an extensive change, we will work out a suitable plan with you.

Q) Why should I hire Laravel developers in India?

A) India is currently the most reliable and budget-friendly outsourcing location for businesses worldwide. Especially with Viithiisys, you get highly experienced and skill Laravel developers for hire, at amazing flexible packages to suit your needs. You can hire a single developer or a team of dedicated developers for your projects, and you will pay only for what you purchase. You can hire developers on an hourly, weekly, monthly, full-time, or part-time basis. Due to such budget-friendly yet world-class service, hiring Laravel developers in India from Viithiisys is the best option for your business development.

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And that brings us to the end of this brilliant discussion on Laravel developers for hire. The answer is simple. Just get in touch with us at Viithiisys and hire world-class Laravel developers without the hassles and challenges of independent hiring. Get yourself a dedicated team of skilled developers at cost-effective and flexible packages.

So, it doesn’t matter whether it is a small business or an enterprise-level requirement. Just contact Viithiisys, and we’ll get you covered with our quality Laravel Developers.