Khatabook Clone Android App - Khatabook App Clone Script

Are you looking for a safe digital ledger app where you can store all your sale and purchase records? Well, Viithiisys has the perfect solution for you. Our Khatabook clone app is one of the most lightweight and best-performing retail store ledger applications out there. Let’s have a look at what we have in store for you.

Here's how we have developed the best digital ledger retail stores. 

What Is KhataBook Clone App?

Khatabook is a unique digital ledger application that allows you to save your day-to-day records easily on your phone. We have carefully developed a Khatabook clone script that allows you to have your own customized ledger application with the features you like. You can manage daily bills, maintain records, and a lot more with ease just through your smartphone.

Our Khatabook clone script is also highly secure and steady, ensuring 100% data safety.  

Here are some of the cool benefits of having our unique digital ledger on your phone.  

1) Manage All Records

With a digital ledger, you can effortlessly manage the ledger records of your small business. You can also add multiple books to manage different registers all in one place.

2) Add Customers

You can add dedicated ledgers for all your customers and maintain records separately. This feature is very helpful when you have several credit accounts for customers. You can maintain records accurately and send notifications to your customers about pending payments, receipts, etc.

3) Download Statements

Our digital ledger allows you to download statements from your ledger directly to your phone in PDF format. You can select any section of your ledger and generate a print-friendly pdf download. 

4) Reduce Paperwork

Our Khatabook clone is designed to reduce paperwork for your small business. You can maintain a huge number of records on just one application and get rid of those bulky ledgers from your store. 

5) Access Anywhere

With a digital ledger, you can access your ledger no matter where you are. You don't have to carry bulky books with you wherever you go. You can access the digital ledger directly on your smartphone and enter details, generate receipts on the go.

6) Set Reminders

With our digital ledger, you will never miss a payment. You can set precise reminders for payment dates and also send reminders to customers via WhatsApp or SMS.

7) Safe From Damage

Ledger books often get piled up in the storage, and they get damaged over time. And it becomes impossible to pull up an old transaction when needed. However, with our online ledger app, your ledger stays protected at all times, and you can access old records easily whenever you need.

8) COVID-Safe

With our compact ledger application, you can get rid of all that paper and transfer receipts digitally, maintaining social distancing norms with ease.

Yes, All these benefits and a lot more can be yours, only if you get your Khatabook clone app from Viithiisys. 

Why Is Viithiisys Online Ledger The Best? 

Viithiisys is a global leader when it comes to software development. We have developed world-class software for some of the most reputed businesses worldwide.

However, we also understand our Indian business needs very well. We were determined to simplify and digitalize small business ledgers so that your business can be safe and fast at the same time. That is the reason why we came up with the ledger clone script. Here's why our digital ledger is the best of all.

Lightweight And Fast: 

We have carefully developed the script for this digital ledger to make sure it stays lightweight and fast.


The application is compatible even with the lowest configuration smartphones. So no matter which smartphone you have, our Khatabook will easily work on it. 

Wide Range Features:

We have covered all your small business ledger requirements in this compact application. You can generate bills, maintain logs, set reminders, receive notifications, and a lot more.


We can add or remove features according to your business needs. So you can now have a tailor-made ledger application for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Khatabook clone app?

A) Khatabook clone script is a skeleton of a digital ledger application. with this script, you can get a personalized online ledger for your business. 

Q) Are digital ledgers safe?

A) Yes of course. Viithiisys digital ledger is a 100% secure and high-performance application that will keep your ledger records safe.

Q) Can I shift all my ledger records to the digital ledger?

A) Yes, you can store all your ledger record in our digital ledger. Viithiisys digital ledger also offers a PDF download feature, so you can get your records printed on paper whenever needed.

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