Application Development

Financial Application Development

    Application development for financial market has been our core strength for years. Our team has experience in integration with stock exchange systems. We develop Internet based trading and price feed dissemination systems. Our solution has been deployed successfully in Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), in Nigeria. Our Financial market solutions are:

  • Market Data Feed systems – We have developed Market Data feed server to enable stock exchanges to deliver the price feed across the world using Internet. With the help of our secure and highly performing system, stock exchanges can deliver the feed to traders, news providers such as Reuters and Bloomberg with ease without affecting the current trading systems.

  • Internet Trading System – Order Management system enables brokers and traders to trade through Internet from any part of the world with ease. This helps stock exchange to bring in more traders as they can offer more unlimited number of trading terminals to stock brokers. At the other hand it also helps brokers in opening multiple time without investing in communication hardware such as lease line and open more branches/office across the world.

  • Trading Portals – Trading portals enable investors to trade through web, get real time price feed and maintain the portfolios of their stocks. We develop stock trading portals using latest technologies where thousands of user can connect at the same time.

E-Commerce Applications

    Viithiisys provides the expertise required in planning, building and delivering overall e-commerce solutions. We use open source e-commerce and ERP suite Apache Open for Business (OFBiz) to provide high quality, lesser time to market and high ROI. OFBiz has integrated ERP platform to help in minimizing the cost and having being deployed by 100s of companies around the world shows the strength of the platform. Our e-commerce offering includes:

  • Storefront developments to fit any existing infrastructure with shopping cart and integration with payment gateway for secure transactions.

  • Enterprise application development and integration of legacy application and databases with the web front.

  • Easy to use application maintenance tools for non-technical users.

  • Enterprise application development

  • With the fast growth of Internet as a medium of communication more and more corporation are automating their various aspect of the business application. A web application will be, a web interface to company’s corporate databases.Web applications go beyond the development of individual Web pages. Web application generally includes the integration of databases, legacy systems, and interaction with user through web. A web application is a truly distributed application, which can serve the need of global users (through Internet), internal users (through Intranets), and globally spread divisions or branches, dealers and distributors (Through Extra-nets or VPN).

    Viithiisys provides scalable, maintainable, secure and cost effective solution to the requirement of our customers. We use open technologies architecture like EJB, CORBA and RMI which guarantee interoperability includes providing a web interface to corporate data store through the state of the art technologies right from system analysis, design implementation to maintenance. We use the component-based architecture whereby individual component plugs in the application. This reduces the time-to-market considerably and reduces the risks. We use the EJB, CORBA and RMI for the components.