Our e-commerce solution offers an integrated application platform to create and manage high end e-commerce applications. E-commerce application suite has features and capabilities comparable to any other offerings e-commerce servers such as IBM WebSphare commerce and ATG commerce server.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple store with multiple currencies.
  • Integrated product information manager to create and manage product catalogues, product categories and product.
  • Price rules based on different criteria such as manufacturer, customer classification, product category or product.
  • Promotion rules such as buy one get one free, one free with order worth xxx.
  • Up sell and cross sell of products
  • Support for digital and downloadable products
  • Supports product contents in multiple languages.
  • Single page checkout support
  • Integrated order processing application to process the orders.


  • Out of the box usable web site templates. Web site templates are based on the best design practices and follows W3C standards.
  • Based on open standards and open source software and there is no vendor lock in. You are free to chose any software vendor to make customization or for support.
  • Out of the box integration with open source ERP system for order processing and inventory management and accounting.