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CRM or Customer Relations Management Software is a highly essential tool for online businesses these days. A CRM tool allows you to manage all your customer-related activities like interactions, retention, engagement, etc.

We at Viithiisys are currently the best CRM development company in India, providing cost-effective and reliable CRM solutions to businesses worldwide.

Here’s how our Custom CRM solutions can help you take your business to the next level.

Why Do You Need Custom CRM Software Development?

Customer relations is a simple term given to a wide subject that consists of numerous important parameters. And every business relies on its own set of parameters to evaluate customer relations. That’s why you need to partner with a reliable CRM development company like Viithiisys to develop your own customized CRM software.

For example, the variables of customer relations for a car rental company may be completely different from that of an online grocery store. And therefore, they cannot rely on the same stats for the profitable development of customer relations. However, standard CRM software will only provide the general tracking parameters, which may give results, but the results won’t be as effective as they could be.

To get the most precise insights about your customer behaviour, you need software that precisely tracks the information suited for your business. And that’s where Viithiisys comes into the picture. We specialize in custom CRM software development for all sorts of large and small businesses. Our team of experts closely work with our clients to develop software solutions that provide precise insights and fast reporting, enabling better customer engagement and sales performances overall.

Outstanding Features of Our Custom CRM Software

Tailored Software For Your Business

We have a highly experienced team of software engineers for CRM software development. We take every request seriously, and the software is developed and delivered with maximum professionalism.

We will start by making a detailed analysis of your business requirements and visions. Our experts will also provide transparent suggestions about what can be done to make your CRM software even better. So, the CRM software you get from us will be tailored according to your requirements, consisting of all the essential tracking and reporting features required.

Seamless Business Integration

Integrating our CRM tool into your existing business structure would be a breeze. Due to the high level of customization, the software will be a perfect fit for your business, and therefore you can enjoy seamless integration into other CRMs and APIs.

Compact and Fast CRM Software

We understand your need for speed when it comes to CRM software handling. Our CRM software is therefore highly compact and fast even on moderate system configuration. To achieve this, we take care that we include only the required features, keeping the overall memory and storage consumption to the minimum even at peak performance.


We at Viithiisys are currently the best CRM software providers because we take special care in making our software highly user-friendly. With our software solutions at hand, you won’t require any extensive technical knowledge. Within just a few days, you will be so well-versed with all the features and accessibilities that you’ll in fact enjoy working with our tool.


Our team is focused on increasing your sales and not the investments. That’s why we develop solid CRM solutions at the most affordable prices than anywhere else. So, at a reasonable investment, you will get all the custom features you need, along with the other benefits we offer.

Why is Viithiisys Custom CRM Exceptional?

Our fully customizable CRM software works on two fundamentals. They are,

Customized Operations, & Centralized Data storage

Customized Operations

With our CRM tool, we offer maximum customizability. You can create and implement any number of customized workflows to improve the performance and synchronization of your sales and marketing departments. The user-friendly features of the software allow you to create workflows in a matter of minutes, without any need for in-depth technical knowledge. These customized workflows will induce greater transparency and accountability among employees, eventually resulting in high-quality leads generation.

Centralized Data Storage

Our next majorly focused aspect is data storage. Our customized CRM tools have a highly convenient centralized data repository system that allows users to access necessary data any time anywhere. This feature greatly empowers the leaders and managers as they can now closely monitor customer behaviour at all times.

However, this doesn’t compromise the security of your data in any way. We use sophisticated encryption systems like Mcrypt & MD5 to ensure maximum security along with flexibility. Our centralized repository also greatly improves the efficiency of your business operations by allowing the managers to store and track valuable insights and business information easily.

How Viithiisys Custom CRM Will Change Your Business?

Having custom CRM software from one of the best CRM service providers can be a complete game-changer for your business. Due to the customized features you get, your customer engagement will quickly escalate to the next level, leaving your competition way behind.

Business-boosting benefits you get with our Customized CRM tools

Better Tracking and Storage:- Our Customized CRM tool will be tailored to suit your needs. So the software will contain precise tracking parameters that will provide you with accurate insights into customer behaviour. The secure and central data repository, on the other hand, will allow managers and leaders to store important trends, allowing them easy access to information, and a better command of future strategies.

Marketing and Sales Integration:- Aligning the marketing and sales teams is the key to effective sales performance. That’s why our CRM tool focuses on seamless integration between your sales and marketing teams. With our precise and real-time tracking, your marketing team and sales team will be well-informed about the customer behaviour, allowing better sync between the two

Better Management:- Our CRM tool empowers managers and leaders with precise information and ongoing trends on the performance of various campaigns. This allows the managers to develop more effective strategies for the future.

Automation and Optimization:- Our advanced CRM tools can boost the overall efficiency of your business by optimizing your CRM tasks. You can automate repetitive and predictable tasks to increase time efficiency in customer relations management. And this will eventually boost the overall efficiency of your sales and marketing teams as well.

Better Engagement:- Powered by a CRM tool developed by the best CRM solution provider, your sales and marketing strategies will be far more effective than before. The customized tracking and precise customer behaviour data will allow your sales and marketing teams to generate better customer engagement. Thus, improving the overall quality and performance.

Faster ROI:- Business operations require a lot of investment, and we understand that you need to have the returns as fast as possible. That’s why our CRM tool is specifically designed to bring faster ROI for your business. With the seamless flow of accurate data and insights, your new reps will turn productive very quickly and generate returns faster than ever before.

Increased Sales:- After all, the entire grind is to generate sales, and we understand that very well. That’s why our CRM tool is mainly focused on boosting sales through better customer relations. Once you have our custom CRM tool, you will not only experience growth in sales, but you will see improvement in customer retention statistics as well.

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Viithiisys is a CRM application development company that is purely dedicated to client satisfaction. And that’s why we were able to serve some of the most reputed organizations worldwide. Our team of CRM developers is a unique blend of young talents and experienced masters, enabling us to develop customized solutions like nobody else. This working style also keeps us updated with the latest developments in the field and enables us to provide you with the latest features on your software.

As you can see, there is simply a never-ending list of benefits that you get with our custom CRM tools. And compared to those standard tools, our customized CRM tool will also be far more cost-effective. That’s why, as a CRM software development company, we are currently the undisputed and unmatched best.

So, if you need customized and efficient CRM software, there is simply no better place than Viithiisys.

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