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Register for the event by filling the form given below. Provide appropriate details of every individual or multiple who belongs to your Start-Up Idea.

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Selection of start-up idea is totally based on talent and uniqueness. Be unique when you prepare your Start-Up Model as this will affect the selection process.

Best idea get's Free MVP

The Best idea will get it's Minimum viable product done by us for free by trained proffesionals who will make your Startup idea a successful one.

Startup Grant

Viithiisys Technologies is organising it's event - Startup Grant. It is much more than just any other B-Plan. It is an amazing platform where you get opportunity tu turn your idea into reality. We are inviting participants from all over the country with innovative ideas. You just have to describe us about your idea or startup project that you are on the verge of building. The best two ideas will get a chance to develop the project MVP (Minimum Viable product) for free by our expert developers. If you are looking to bring a new product to market, the concept around a minimum viable product is an excellent way to test your idea with your customers. One of the cornerstone principles of the MVP process is to test on your ideal customers. The MVP allows you to get a version of your product to market early to test your business concept. Teams can register themselves on the event page from our official website All you have to do is just fill the form below with correct details and click on the submit button.
  • Top 5 ideas will get an assured funding of Rs. 50,000 each for the MVP.
  • Top 10 ideas will get an assured funding of Rs. 25,000 each for the MVP

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