ERP solutions

Why pay thousands of dollars in license while you can get same with a fraction of that cost? Seems incredible? Yes, but true. We provide ERP solution based on web based and open source business automation software that is Apache OFBiz. OFBiz ERP suite offers ERP functionality in integrated and cohesive manner. Various ERP modules are integrated together to give a seamless user user experience. This makes OFBiz most powerful, flexible, customizable open source business automation software.

ERP Modules

  • Customer Service Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial (Accounting)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Sale Force Automation (SFA)

  • Out of the box usable web site templates. Web site templates are based on the best design practices and follows W3C standards.
  • Based on open standards and open source software and there is no vendor lock in. You are free to choose any software vendor to make customization or for support.
  • Out of the box integration with open source ERP system for order processing and inventory management and accounting.